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If you're contacting us regarding a kitchen tour, briefly describe your food business, intentions, and estimated hours and storage needs within a given week. If you're just reaching out, thanks for contacting the Spindle Kitchen!

We are a licensed commissary kitchen ready to cater to all of your food producing needs, well beyond preparing food!

What we will eventually need:
— A copy of your Retail Establishment Food License
— Making 'Denver Handmade Homemade' an additional insured with your culinary insurance provider.
— Submission of an Affidavit of Commissary, signed by both parties

If you are in an industry that includes deep frying, meat-centric products, or specific long-term actions like fermentation, curing, or aging, please include this information in the appropriate fields within the form above.  We may not be able to accept you as a participant if certain aspects of your business practices don't mesh with the current operational structure of the kitchen.

The Spindle Kitchen is a project of Denver Handmade Homemade, known for providing resources to handmade craft and food businesses here in Denver since 2011.

We are located in FORGE970, a collection of light manufacturing and research companies in a skylit industrial building. We regularly play ping-pong and drink beer.


Spindle Kitchen
970 Yuma Street
Suite 160
Denver, CO 80204